Admin Lobby

Sold By:  CollapsedOrange

Admin getting bored on the server or logging off in random locations and getting killed/looted? If so, then look no further; the admin lobby is for you!
The admin lobby is an area for your admin to hangout between catching those pesky cheaters. There are a plethora of things to do, including

  • A simple oval race track surrounding the lobby, including car lifts
  • Swimming pool with a diving board, deck area, and waterfall seating
  • Functioning electronic shooting range with a scoreboard
  • Basketball court and much more.

Placement can be in the sky or underground; I would recommend placing it in the sky as the auto lighting and water bugs out when it’s under the terrain.


The Admin lobby has everything you need to keep you occupied during your downtime and a few admin features, including a hacker prison and interrogation room in the central tower.

The features include:

  • A bar behind the basketball court with a gambling wheel, slot machines, and a band stage
  • A race track surrounding the lobby also has car lifts at one end to quickly repair/ change vehicles.
  • A basketball court with seating, we don’t have balls in-game yet, but a rock will do the trick. You could even add a basketball skin using Skinbox.
  • There is a swimming area with a diving board and a waterfall with seating underneath.
  • Kitchen area with a fridge, BBQ, water Barrel with a water catcher attached, some storage chests, and a table with eight seats
  • Double stage, one side has instruments, the other side is empty so that you can use it for anything.
  • Bar area with the gambling wheel from bandit camp and a few slot machines for the addict inside you
  • Locker room for quickly switching between kits
  • Storage room with 2 CCTV stations
  • There is a shooting range with scoreboards for each target and an armoury room with storage chests. Trigger one of the buttons for a timed game, see who can get the most points before the time runs out.
  • Interrogation room on the central tower
  • Hacker prison, keep all the cheaters in one location
  • Meeting room located at the top of the tower
  • You can add any placeable item to the deck area by the water
  • Plenty of picture frames to customise during the wipe or upload photos via sign artist
  • There are automatic lights placed around the entire lobby. They can be switched on/off and to manual or auto. Bear in mind the auto lights feature will not work if you place the lobby under the terrain due to the solar panels thinking it’s night all the time

Other notes

I wouldn’t recommend breaking this prefab. The elec is relatively complicated and sometimes disconnects some of the connections when broken. If you place this under the terrain, the auto lights will always remain on, but you do have an override switch to turn them off, the water will also lose its swimming effect.
The same goes for placing it too high; the best placement would be above the max mini copter flight height.

Sold By:  CollapsedOrange

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