Gravis Island

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As featured in the Official Rust Community Blog and hosted on many official Rust servers we hope to bring a new experience to Rust players with Gravis Island


Welcome to Gravis Island! (3700km Map)

Gravis Island is a new addition to Rust that promises a unique experience for Rust players. Featured on the Official Rust Community Blog and, and hosted on various official Rust servers, this map is a collaboration of four veterans in Rust Map Making.


  • CollapsedOrange
  • Lone
  • Nox
  • WhoisMikeJones?

The team focused on creating a familiar Rust experience while expanding the gameplay through the use of currently underutilized in-game items. The map was handcrafted with small additions to monuments to increase foot traffic and to give players more reasons to explore. The team also added a network of mountain tunnels, wooden bridges, military checkpoints, and ocean-based monuments, including underwater dive sites, in preparation for the future submarine update.

The team’s goal was to ensure user playability, performance, and progression were key components of the map. The progression begins on the southwest of the map and cascades to the northeast, with better tier monuments and more difficult challenges as players move from one side to the other. The map also features various islands for players to visit.

Gravis Island was handcrafted from beginning to end, and the team is proud of what they accomplished in the two weeks it took to create the map. Check out the walkthrough video HERE to see every key point on the map.

The map can be run under the community tab (vanilla) but requires oxide to be installed for the plugin to fully load. Standard monuments remain unchanged, and the team tweaked monuments such as Harbor, Trainyard, Supermarket, Gas Station, and Sewer Branch, among others. The team also added custom monuments like Checkpoint, Two roadside water pump stations, Water Villages in the ocean, Mini Pawn station on the roadside, Underground tunnel system through the mountains, Fully custom bridges crossing rivers or bodies of water, and Custom Arctic Research Facility.

Explore Gravis Island and experience Rust in a new way!

Standard Monuments (Unchanged)

  • Junkyard
  • Outpost
  • Airfield
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Satellite Dish
  • Military Tunnel
  • Launch Site
  • Power Plant
  • Quarries
  • Mining outpost
  • Oil Rigs
  • Caves (SPOILER: I5, V3, P9, U11, L16)
  • Underground train system
  • Aboveground train system
  • Underwater Labs

Tweaked Monuments

  • Harbor (Little extension with more loot and recycler)
  • Trainyard (Little railway that goes off to seem more natural with the land)
  • Supermarket (More decor/cover added around the outside)
  • Gas Station (More Decor/cover added around the outside)
  • Sewer Branch (Custom rockface road leading up to it in the artic biome)

Custom Monuments

  • Checkpoint (entry point to go through the mountain tunnel leading to mil tuns. Does include a few NPCs, loot and MRLS)
  • Two roadside water pump stations
  • Water Villages in the ocean
  • Mini Pawn station on the roadside
  • Underground tunnel system through the mountains
  • Fully custom bridges crossing rivers or bodies of water
  • Underwater dive sites
  • Custom Arctic Research Facility

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Sold By:  CollapsedOrange
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Airfield, Junkyard, Launch Site, Oil Rig, Powerplant, Satellite Dish, Water Treatment

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