Mechanic Gas Station

Sold By:  CollapsedOrange

Ever wanted vehicle lifts at the gas stations? This rust themed roadside monument will do just that whilst also adding another location to grab yourself some vehicle parts. This gas station is fairly small, smaller than the default gas station, making it very easy to switch with the default version.


A gas station with the added benefit of a vehicle lift so players can repair and switch out vehicle parts on the go, giving players a step up in obtaining a vehicle in the early game. This monument has a smaller footprint than the regular gas station and supermarket, making it easy to switch out. It would be a great addition to your roleplay server.

The features include 

  • Recycler
  • Vehicle lift
  • Vending machines with tier 1 and 2 engine parts and some of the base car modules
  • Phonebooth
  • 2 CCTV cameras
  • One military crate, three basic crates, eight loot barrels and a couple of other smaller crates
  • Vending Machine with tier 2 vehicle parts
  • Phone Booth

Other Notes

If you do place this next to an existing road, you may need to move the current power lines, so they are not in the middle of the entrance leading to the monument. The power lines will generate automatically between the poles once the map is loaded into Rust.

Sold By:  CollapsedOrange

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