Military Storage Facility

Sold By:  CollapsedOrange

The cobalt corporation recently took over this abandoned warehouse. It still holds secrets to its previous occupants; it looks like they left in a hurry! Now being used as a cobalt storage facility, you will find several guards protecting loot in the main warehouse, with plenty of hiding spots, cover and many access points to prevent any monument camping.


This storage facility is suitable for both PVP and PVE servers; it includes two versions; one has blue card access to the central warehouse, where you will find several guards (scientists) and a bunch of loot. The key card door is activated by two fuse boxes, one located on the main building roof and the other located in the small office building to the monument’s right side. The second version is all open and includes a recycler. It is best suited as a roadside monument and a suitable replacement for a gas station or supermarket.

Version 1 includes 

  • There is a simple two fuse puzzle for the blue card door. One fuse box located in the small office to the right side of the monument; the other is on top of the main building
  • Two elite crates, five military boxes and some smaller loot crates and barrels scattered around the monument
  • A hidden tunnel exit in the main warehouse should stop people from getting camped as they leave. It has a one-way door activated by a button inside the tunnel
  • A red key card spawn at the back of the main warehouse
  • A tier 1 workbench and repair bench in the small building to the right of the monument
  • 2 CCTV cameras Codes : Storage1, Storage2

Version 2 includes

  • All doors to the central warehouse are open, no key card required
  • A recycler on the right side in the main warehouse
  • Two military crates, 3 Basic boxes, one food crate and several smaller loot crates and barrels scattered around the monument
  • A tier 1 workbench and repair bench in the small building to the right of the monument in the smaller building 

Other Notes

  • Please double-check the alpha after placing and applying all of the prefab modifiers. You may need to paint a few bits on the tunnel entrances manually.
  • I wouldn’t recommend breaking the prefab as the IO sometimes disconnects.
Sold By:  CollapsedOrange

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