Oak Lodge Shooting Range

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Located in a beautiful pine forest,  Oak Lodge Shooting Range is an excellent addition to any server. It includes two different versions, the first with working ranges including working scoreboards for your players to compete against each other or for you to hold server events. The third range is a mini-game with 20 randomly activated targets; if all the targets are shot down within the time limit, the loot room door will open. The second is abandoned and appears to have been trashed; it also has no IO, but the targets will still work without the scoreboards.

It also includes a plugin for more control over the reactive target settings, such as adding skins from the steam workshop, changing the required knockdown damage, and changing the reset time.


Oak Lodge is a reasonably extensive shooting range with three ranges, 200m 100m and a minigame that accesses a loot room. Both the 200 and 100-meter ranges have counters hooked up to each target so your players can compete with each other, or you could hold a server event with a prize for the highest score. The minigame range has 20 randomly activated targets. One fuse is required to activate the minigame; press the button in front of the counters to start the timer. Shoot down all 20 targets at least once to before the fuse burns out. If done successfully, the main loot room door will open accompanied by a siren and flashing light to alert any nearby players.

The included plugin allows you to tweak the reactive target settings and add skins from the steam workshop; settings include
Reset time (how long it takes for the target to come back up after being shot down)
Damage required to knock them down.

Version 1 includes

  • Simple panic button puzzle room, All you need to do is put one fuse in the fuse box on the side of the building, then go back inside and press on the panic button under the counter. The room includes a green card spawn and a couple of loot boxes.
  • 100 and 200 meter ranges with three lanes on each that all have reactive target scoreboards
  • Range 3 is a minigame with 20 targets activated by a fuse. All your players need to do is shoot down all 20 randomly activated targets at least once within the time limit. If done correctly, the main loot room door will open along with a flashing light and a siren to alert nearby players.
  • Phonebooth in the main building
  • Four CCTV cameras all on the main building
  • Six military crates, three basic crates, four loot barrels and a couple of other smaller crates

Version 2 includes

  • The area is overgrown, trashed and abandoned. You could add a couple of murderer NPCs for a bit of an extra challenge.
  • All IO removed, i.e. scoreboards minigames and the panic button puzzle. The targets still have the base function: they can still use them as usual.
  • Phonebooth in the main building
  • Four CCTV cameras all on the main building
  • Two military crates, three basic crates, seven loot barrels and a couple of other smaller crates

Plugin info

The settings can be changed in the config or using the below commands
You can find a bunch of free skins in the steam community workshop. Copy the code from the skin page URL.


/targets health – Damage to knockdown
/targets reset – Reset time, off by default
/targets skin – Changes the targets skin

Other Notes

After first placement or a server reboot, it may seem like the counters are not working; I’m not sure why this happens. It appears to be a visual bug. All the counters will come on once the corresponding target gets knocked down.

Sold By:  CollapsedOrange

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